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Micro Max Lab Coat Frock Collar Elastic

  • Item ID: M3P192T/XL
  • Brand: Lakeland
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    MicroMax 3P Cool Suit is the newest addition to the Lakeland brand of MicroMAX products. The MicroMAX 3P pattern design features a tailored pattern cut, inset sleeves, elastic back and a double gusseted crotch that allows unparalleled freedom of movement. Perfect for general duty work environments, Lakeland brand MicroMAX 3P utilizes 3 barrier layers to provide and excellent level of protection. Dirt, grease, grime, light liquid splashes, spills and contaminants are no problem for MicroMAX 3P. It’s an excellent economical alternative that provides you with high quality protection. MicroMAX 3P Cool Suit protects against dirt, grease and spills but features increased breathability with an added SMS back panel. A superb pattern design and an elastic back waist offer improved comfort and fit. Stay cool and protect yourself with MicroMAX 3P Cool Suit.