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Leight Source 400 Dispenser

  • Item ID: A404600
  • Brand: Howard Leight By Honeywell
  • Description: Plug Depot earplug dispenser
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    Howard Leight by Honeywell Leight Source 400 Earplugs Dispenser is a user friendly source that provides access to Earplugs in any jobsite and the plugs released by just a twist of the spout. Dispenser can be mounted on a table top or on a wall and displays instructions for roll down or no roll plugs for proper insertion. It features a durable plastic design and the catch basin avoids the Earplugs from falling to the ground. Earplugs provide high visibility with permanent hearing protection and the dispenser reduces packaging trash which promotes cleaner work areas and less waste. It can be used in airport ground crews, building construction, forestry, general contractor and landscaping.