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Thunder T3 nrr30 muff

  • Item ID: A401600
  • Brand: Howard Leight By Honeywell
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    Air Flow Control Technology Bilsom’s Patented Air Flow Control Technology Delivers Optimal Attenuation Across All Frequencies, Without Increasing Earcup Size Or Weight. A Patented Baseplate Chamber And High-tech Non-woven Layer Manage The Flow Of Air Inside The Earmuff To Control How Sound Reaches The Ear. The Result Is Better, More Consistent Overall Attenuation For Virtually All Industrial Noise Environments. Air Flow Control Is A Standard Feature On All Thunder Series Earmuffs. Dielectric/Plastic Construction Thunder’s Robust Nondeforming Dielectric Construction Withstands Use And Abuse, While Protecting Your Workers In Electrical Environments. Non-deforming Outer Headband Thunder’s Non-deforming Outer Headband Provides Better Comfort, Minimizes Pressure On Head, Withstanding Rough Treatment In The Toughtest Workplaces. Inner-ventilated Headband Provides Better Positioning, Minimizes Pressure On The Head. Soft, Comfortable Contact Surface Breathes Easier In Warm/Humid Climates. Quick Click Height Adjustment Height Adjustment Remains Fixed During Wear. Snap-in Ear Cushions Make Replacement Quick And Easy.