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YakTrax Walk Medium

  • Item ID: A209732
  • Brand: Implus Footcare
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    Yaktrax Walker is the original version of Yaktrax . It is designed for people who are walking on icy parking lots or sidewalks-perhaps out walking the dog. It is great for pedestrians-children-and the elderly. We have grandparents-mothers-fathers-school children-college students-and dog owners all staying on their feet during the winter months thanks to the Yaktrax Walker.Elastomer-injection molded thermal plastic.Brittle-resistant to-41 deg. F.Material has no memory-returns to original shape when removed from footwear.Elasticity of material ensures ease of use when attaching to shoes.Coils-1.2mm music wire with zinc chromate plating for rust-prevention.Rust-resistant.Crush-resistant.Right-hand and left-hand wound coils to ensure 360 deg. traction.Initial coils encountered are horizontal-then vertical-then horizontal again-to ensure traction.So light you don't feel like you are wearing a traction device.