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Endura OILBOC Grain Goat Kevlar lined L

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  • Brand: Superior
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    Superior supple goat grain drivers gloves are processed with Superior's own oilbloc treatment for exceptional water and oil repellency. Oil simply won't soak through, not hours or even days after being dropped onto leather. (Untreated leather absorbs oils and liquids within seconds of contact.) And because it can't penetrate and leave a mark, gloves are highly stain resistant, and without picking up contamination, provide greater safety. They are also tough and long lasting: goatskin is prized for it's high tensile-strength and abrasion-resistant properties, and is often referred to as nature's strongest leather. Arc-flash testing placed these gloves at level 2, with a rating of ATPV = 21 cal/square cm. Note: these gloves are designed for spark and flame resistance, not thermal contact. Applications include automotive, steel mills, metal stamping, parts, material handling, maintenance, petroleum industry, manufacturing, industrial, construction, forklift, truck drivers, farm equipment, mining and utilities.