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No-tail AdjustableCotton PBI Retainer

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  • Brand: Chums
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    CHUMS Safety FR No Tail Adjustable retainers are the perfect safety accessory for all electrical, fire & rescue, utility, and ARC Flash exposed work environments. Able to resist heat up to 540°C, our PBI/Kevlar Original will not ignite, smolder, melt or drip when exposed to arc flash, direct flame, sparks, or welding splatter. The Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) is the percent concentration of oxygen at which a small specimen will only just burn downwards in a candle-like manner. The test is probably the most well-known of the standard fire tests. The apparatus holds a small specimen of material which is clamped vertically in a tube in an atmosphere where the relative concentration of oxygen and nitrogen can be changed. The aim is to test the flammability of the sample with a small pilot flame to find the minimum oxygen concentration required to just sustain combustion of the sample.-See more at: https://www.safetycompany.com/safety-eyewear/eyewear-accessories/chums-12405-flame-resistant-no-tail-adjustable-retainers/#sthash.nmGPs3T9.dpuf